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Hypnosis-by-Phone can often work as well as hypnosis-in-person for problems that can be treated in a few sessions. This is true as long as the therapist spends enough time talking with you before the hypnotic induction to gather sufficient information to gear the hypnosis to your individual needs, and as long as the therapist answers all your questions.

People with very busy schedules and people who live far away may opt for hypnosis-by-phone sessions with me. To arrange for a session, simply call me: 215-947-7867 (947-STOP). Phone sessions can be scheduled "after office hours" so to speak and on weekends. The need for last minute and emergency hypnosis sessions also can effectively be met through hypnosis-by-phone sessions. You save time by not having to get dressed and travel to the office.

Also, some people who are housebound, and others who would not otherwise come to my office for an in-person session, can often benefit from this service which I offer.

Just as with in-office sessions, appointments are made for a full hour at a rate of $200. An Initial Hypnosis Consultation-by-Phone (one hour at $200) must first be performed so that I can gather all necessary information and so that we can establish rapport with each other.

Payment is required in advance with a credit card to reserve a hypnosis-by-phone session. Reserve a session now.

Please fee free to call me: 215-947-7867, or email me for more information or to make a hypnosis-by-phone appointment.  

Save time. Schedule Hypnosis-by-Phone: 215-947-7867 (947-STOP)


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